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We're more than just the world's leading power cable company.
CITRA CABLE is a manufacturer and a supplier of high quality power cables.
The company has satisfied customers over the years by focusing on the quality of our product and the timeliness of our delivery to make all projects always on time.

With the help of our friendly, experienced sales staff and our vast cable matching database, we'll turn your good sounding system into a great one!


Company Profile

With the Government's program of developing the domestic industry along with its other various vital projects, there will be a need for various additional facilities in making a success of the program. This will include facilities in electric and communication networks.
Base on that fact, a company name PT. Citra Mahasurya Industries was established on 19 August 1992. It is located at Jalan Raya Cikande Rangkas km 7.5, in Serang and manufactures electrical cable given the brand 'CITRA CABLE'.

The founders of PT. Citra Mahasurya Industries comprise businessmen and experts with wide experience in the cable industry. This has been proved by the products of invariably high quality.